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Holcim Fundation Архітектура
http://www.holcimfoundation.org/T359/A05APacCNfive.htm 29.02.2012, 09:48
From southern China, this entry makes a compelling case for reinterpreting the traditional building culture. An innovative translation of a historical house typology to a series of modern dwellings is proposed for the city center. Ecologically, the project is merited for its sensitive deployment of low-cost natural resources, reactivating the manufacture of low-tech, handmade structures, and the use of recycled materials. By promoting the use of local materials and traditional craftsmanship, the buildings require less maintenance, have a smaller impact on the environment, and are more energy efficient. In this sense, a balance is struck between nature and human occupation. A feasible economic solution is presented that could serve to stimulate employment and development in the region. Also merited is the combination of vernacular techniques of construction and contemporary tectonic expression, a synthesis that is aesthetically rich.

Переходів: 137 | Додав: Vavaliant | Рейтинг: 5.0/1 | Теги: архитектруа, WANG Shu, LU Wenyu
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